Inspections & Evaluations

Inspections and Evaluations

When something is failing in your home exterior, it’s difficult to assess whether it is rumblings of a bigger issue or if it’s a simple repair.  AJ Exteriors will gladly come out to your home to evaluate and inspect your concern before it becomes something bigger as it is left unattended.  Give us a call for free estimates and evaluations, for anything from roof inspections to hail damage inspection. We can lend our expert eye to make the aftermath of any damage, stress free.


A Few Reasons for an Inspection and Evaluation:

Gut Feeling:

You’ve suspect there is gutter breakdown or there’s a weak spot on your roof.  If there are tell-tale signs that there are compromised areas in your home, you’re probably onto something. It’s better to have a professional inspect the area before the problem gets worse.

Chicago Seasons:

Your home has experienced weather damage from Chicago winter or even Chicago summers, AJ Exteriors can help you deal with the aftermath of exposure to extreme weather conditions.  Hail damage inspection on your roof, water and storm damage to your shingles and sidings, we’ve got everything covered.  Our experts will evaluate the best way to restore your home.

Fix It or Replace It:

Do you suspect a drafty window has seen its last days?  Maybe a little sealant can fix it.  A professional can let you know if something is repairable or if time for a replacement.  Knowing when and how to replace portions of your home can save you money in the long run.  For example, having a drafty window can be costly initially, but will begin to save you money month-to-month on your heating and cooling costs. We can help you make the right decision for your family.


Whether you are looking for a consultation on a project, an inspection of a suspected issue or an evaluation of a rehabilitation plan, call us to chat with our experienced team.