Hail Damage Inspection

Inspections and Evaluations

When something is failing in your home exterior, it’s difficult to assess whether it is rumblings of a bigger issue or if it’s a simple repair.  AJ Exteriors works exclusively with insurance claims specialist, Accurate Adjusting LLC.  We can get Accurate Adjusting LLC to gladly come out,evaluate and inspect your home’s concerns before it becomes something bigger as it is left unattended.  AJ Exteriors is also a Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning, where we can provide a Total Protection Guarantee on all out installations.  Give us a call for a free evaluations; anything from roof inspections to hail damage inspection. We can lend our expert eye to make the aftermath of any damage, stress free.


Does Your Home Have Roof Damage?

A roof is considered compromised when it has had severe exposure from a hailstorm.  This severity is when the granules dislodge from the surface of the shingles (areas large enough that exposes the asphalt). You might be asking what purpose the color granules serves by placing them on the surface of the shingle. The serve two primary purposes: being aesthetically pleasing for your home, and protecting the asphalt from exposure to the sun.


Asphalt deteriorates when exposed to the sun for a long period of time.  Due to this exposure, hail damage to a roof will tend to occur prematurely.  The hail damage to the shingles is obvious when you see the indentations on them.  Sometimes you won’t see surface damage directly on the shingles.


Most people also don’t know that the damages on your roof’s shingles may not be visible for about a year!  By the time a year passes, spalling will occur where circular areas of granules fall off the shingles.  This occurs because the impact of the hail weakens the bond between the asphalt and the granules.  As the weather changes over the course of a year, the granules will break off of the shingles in the area they collided with the hail.  When the granules are missing, the UV rays of the sun will attack the asphalt, hindering the shingles from providing their maximum performance.


While the damages to your roof may bot be immediately apparent, an expert can provide a thorough hail damage inspection in other areas including indentations on the siding, vents or any other objets of softer metal.  To get the full benefits of your home’s insurance coverage after storm damage, you must submit a claim within a specific period of time.  If you do not file your claim on-time, your insurance may no longer be held liable and will not be required to cover your damages.


Don’t wait – call us today for your hail damage inspection, and we can immediately start your claims process!  (630) 313-9805


Cost Savings in Storm Damage Inspections


A Few Reasons for a Hail Damage Inspection & Evaluation:

Gut Feeling

You’ve suspect there is gutter breakdown or there’s a weak spot on your roof.  If there are tell-tale signs that there are compromised areas in your home, you’re probably onto something. It’s better to have a professional inspect the area before the problem gets worse.


Chicago Seasons

Your home has experienced weather damage from Chicago winter or even Chicago summers, AJ Exteriors can help you deal with the aftermath of exposure to extreme weather conditions.  Hail damage inspection on your roof, water and storm damage to your shingles and sidings, we’ve got everything covered.  Our experts will evaluate the best way to restore your home.


Fix It or Replace It:

Do you suspect a drafty window has seen its last days?  Maybe a little sealant can fix it.  A professional can let you know if something is repairable or if time for a replacement.  Knowing when and how to replace portions of your home can save you money in the long run.  For example, having a drafty window can be costly initially, but will begin to save you money month-to-month on your heating and cooling costs. We can help you make the right decision for your family.


Whether you are looking for a consultation on a project, an inspection of a suspected issue or an evaluation of a rehabilitation plan, call us to chat with our experienced team.