Roofing Repairs

Quality Roof Repair Specialist

We all know that having a home in the Chicagoland area is a difficult task, to say that least.  From witnessing hail in March, or gusty winds that can blow over mature trees.  We even go through the ever changing weather day to day that can wreak havoc on our homes.  The roof over our heads can take the brunt of the damage a structure can experience from the volatile Chicago weather.  The roof is our shield from the elements.

There are a couple things to consider when selecting a roof repair specialist.  This includes the quality of work and the materials that can withstand with the test of time and weather.  With AJ Exteriors, you can be confident that our roof specialists gives the precise estimation and can trust the work they do.  The roof repair and replacements we provide is durable as well as stylish, providing samples and consultation that will ease your mind when you make decisions for a roof repair specialist.



Maintaining Roof Health Through Maintenance

Part of restoring and repairing your roof is packaged up in maintenance of your roof.  It is wise to continually clean and make small repairs to your roof.  This is to prevent damages from expanding to a larger, more costly project.  We make sure to remove any debris and dirt, as well as to take a survey of your entire roofing structure for vulnerable areas.  We look for loose shingles, tiles or nails.  Lastly, we inspect for soft spots from water damage, mold and other structurally unstable areas.  All of this is to ensure a strong shield for your home.


Keeping your roof healthy is like going for a regular teeth cleaning or a physical check up with your doctor.  Extend the strength and integrity of your roof by calling one of our roof repair specialists for a check-up today.