Fiber Cement Siding

If you are looking for fiber cement siding installation, you may be familiar with its history since about the 1980s.  This material was originally intended to be an answer to the asbestos cement sheeting, or AC sheets.  This material was to reinforce thin rigid cement sheets and it was a very popular, durable material.  Since the 1980’s it is now harmful and even life-threatening to the residents of the building or home.

Since then, fiber cement siding installation has been the popular and eco-friendly alternative to AC sheeting; some people may argue that it’s even more eco-friendly than vinyl.  Fiber cement siding installation can ensure a low cost, resistance to flame, and a durable way to resurface the exterior of your home.

What You Can Expect from Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is a mixture of sand, cement and cellulose fibers.  These elements are compressed together to make planks and sheets of material that has a look of wood planks.  Since most of the mixture is just sand and cement, aside from the cellulose fibers, it is more eco-friendly than other materials that are more synthetic.  The “wood” planks can be painted after the installation to create an appearance that is pretty close to the actual thing.  Fiber cement siding installation can cost you very little while being fire retardant and maintenance efforts are low.  

As always, AJ Exteriors & Roofing, Inc’s dedication to being an honest company and providing transparent consulting to our clients is one of our top priorities.  If you are considering fiber cement siding installation, we ensure that we partner up with only the best.

James Hardie fiber cement board is a product that is climate-tested and engineered to withhold even in the most demanding conditions.

If you are considering fiber cement siding, give the experts at AJ Exteriors & Roofing, Inc a call for a consultation.

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