Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding Installation and Some Facts

Vinyl siding has been a popular choice when siding is concerned and vinyl siding companies have long held this material as a staple for many good reasons. This type of siding is made of PVC plastic and unlike natural materials like various types of wood, it is resistant to rotting or degenerating for a longer period of time.  The plastic attribute of the siding lends to a low maintenance exterior and the siding does not require painting or caulking. In turn, the installation for vinyl siding has less complications than most. The siding is great for easy wash with just soap and water, keeping your home clean without the concern of possibility of water damage and mold.  Not only is vinyl a durable material, it is less expensive than many options available and many home siding companies have opted for vinyl siding installation for their clients.


Why Does the Brand Matter?

At AJ Exteriors, each licensed expert vinyl siding installer knows that the best work of installation can only achieve so much, when the material we leave behind isn’t the long lasting.  This is why we only place our name on the best materials that’s available.  Yes – cost is important too, so that’s why we offer the quality materials for the competitive prices we offer.


When you choose AJ Exteriors for your vinyl siding installation project, you can expect premium categories:

–  Premium grade of thickness

–  PVC plastic for durability and rigidity

–  Holds its color

–  Beautiful appearance

–  Comes with warranty

–  Consultation and estimates are always free


Call us with questions and concerns you have.  Our expert and licensed contractors will guide you through the process every step of the way.  They will even consult you on the care for your vinyl sidings, keeping the longevity of the investment you’ve made.