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We work exclusively with insurance claims specialist, Accurate Adjusting LLC.

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Cost Savings in Storm Damage Inspections

We Can Help Your Claim Go Through

Are you looking for a professional storm damage inspection and to submit a property damage claim? Are you worrying that your insurance provider will not follow through with the claim?  Not receiving the payment you rightfully deserve can also be of concern.  AJ Exteriors & Roofing, Inc is here to help!

We work exclusively with Accurate Adjusting LLC.  They are a public insurance adjusting company providing storm damage inspections, claims, and solutions to homeowners.  They service throughout Naperville, Illinois, and its surrounding areas.  Accurate Adjusting’s mission is simple: to help you work with your insurance company to get the money you deserve!  They have knowledge in the policy language and the expertise to not only protect you but also deliver the best claim result for you.  We are glad to have an exceptional business partnership with them.

We help with storm damage inspections and address property damages without having you spend any money on out-of-pocket repairs!  Give us a call and see how, as a group, we can aid you through the claims process – (630) 313-9805.

Filing the Insurance Claim after Completing the Storm Damage Inspections

Each claim that we file with an insurance company is unique, as every homeowner’s circumstances and policies can vary.  More importantly, insurance companies are only liable for storm damages for a specific period of time.  Most homeowners’ insurance policies generally cover roof repairs or replacements and siding repairs or replacements.  To successfully submit a claim, it must be handled by a professionally trained and certified representative.  A professional adjustor will take specific steps in the inspection, identifying damages that are generally overlooked.  Best of all, diagnosing these damages typically results in larger payments from the insurance companies!

For example, one of the more common causes of property damages is hail storms.  The trained eyes of someone that does a hail damage inspection can look into all factors to determine the scope of the damage, including:

– The force, direction, size, and shape of the hail.
– The angle/slope of the roof.
– Manufacturer of the siding or shingle.
– The type/style of siding or shingle.
– Previous condition.
– Age of the siding or shingle.

Your insurance policy may also cover something as simple as wind damage, depending on the company.  It is best to work with a knowledgeable representative.  We clarify the appropriate details, to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not to file an insurance claim.

The Claims Process

Once you make the decision to file a claim, AJ Exteriors & Roofing, Inc will help make the call to Accurate Adjustors LLC.  After we reach out to Accurate Adjustors LLC, the claims process will start.

Next, an adjustor from the firm will schedule a date and time with you for the adjustment.

On the day of your adjustment, a representative from AJ Exteriors & Roofing, Inc will then speak on your behalf.

Upon completion of the adjustment, you will receive paperwork from the adjustor.  This will provide all the details of the initial check along with the repair work to be completed.

Then, AJ Exteriors & Roofing, Inc will meet with you to examine and review the Adjuster Summary Paperwork (ASP).  This is to ensure that the pending repairs include all of the identified damages.  During this time, you can also select your new siding or shingle profiles, such as style and color.

AJ Exteriors & Roofing, Inc will then schedule your home’s repairs and address all damages to be fixed.  We will send your insurance company a final invoice.  If they have not done so already, the insurance company will then send a final payment to you.

It is important that you select a team of professional roofers and siding experts like AJ Exteriors & Roofing, Inc to help you in filing an insurance claim for your home.

Call us now at (630) 313-9805 so we can start assisting you in handling the insurance maze.

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