Casement Windows

There are so many types, styles, and colors available in windows today.  This can indeed be a little mind-boggling to know what the best option is for your home.  Even when you have chosen to go with one type of window style, we are left with choices that can question whether we’ve heard everything we need to know.  We are glad you are here at AJ Exteriors & Roofing, Inc knowledgeable professionals.  We make sure you are on the right track to the new windows that you will be happy with.

Why Choose Casement Windows?

Casement windows are the traditional way of letting air and breeze in or out of a home.  Hinging at one side of the four squares, the window opens up the outside.  Casement windows most often swing open to the inside or the outside of the home.  Many European home has casement windows that will swing out, but the more commonly seen casement windows we’ve seen are ones that crank out with handles or levers, exposing narrow openings.

There are a couple of options for a casement window installation.  There are some preferential decisions you must make for your home with regard to the installation.  One option for the casement window is commonly seen in contemporary new construction homes, with levers or handles that crank open the window.  Perhaps you will choose the casement window installation that will swing open wide for full ventilation for more airflow.

The Green Talk

When we are considering energy efficiency, casement windows conserve in a great way.  The casement frames are completely rigid and the space between the casement and the window opening has a uniform seal.  In the winter, the rigid seal keeps the cold air from getting in and in the summer months, keeping the home cool from the outside heat.  Keeping your climate control tempered, you can expect a cost-effective way to enjoy each season while being green.

Choosing the Right Stuff and Staff

When choosing a casement for your windows, it’s important to consider the material.  The marriage of energy-efficient, high performing, low maintenance, and long-lasting durability is the perfect set up for a window casing that will carry you through many seasons without leaving your home to vulnerability.  When you consult with our experts, we will give you the choice of casement windows that are resistant to warping and distorting. Give us a call today with your window installation and repair needs.

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